Thursday, November 4, 2010

All about the mouse...

No, not THAT mouse.

My new wireless mouse. Purchased this morning. Love it!!! Not only will it scroll anywhere on the screen I'd like it to (which my old mouse completely stopped doing last night), but at blistering speeds. I think my old mouse was suffering long before I noticed.

Anyway, my new mouse is wireless and looks like this (the second one from the left)...

As soon as I reached for it at Best Buy, the very helpful sales person said it was "me." Because I am very cool (despite my age) in a very black & white, paisley-ish, tatoo-y kind of way. (Not really, but work with me here.) But this is the mouse that our new 500-gig hard drive deserves.

Now I have to go and recreate some PowerPoint stuff that went toes up when my hard drive crashed and burned last month.

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