Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday, Day 3

You know petty problems like mine (and even in the throes, I realize they're petty) seem even more so when you watch the pictures of what's happening in Japan today.

I contacted (via Facebook) my cousin (whom I've never met in person) in Hawaii first thing, just to tell her to "stay safe." Like she needs to hear that from me, but it made me feel better. It looks as if things won't be too bad in Hawaii, but I'm keeping fingers crossed just in case.

The rain (and flooding) in our state continues today. But, having lived in a house where this would be a major catastrophe, I count my blessings that it is not affecting me in the least currently. To anyone who does have blasement/flooding issues - my heart goes out to you.

I have the Weather Channel on, in the background. It's a good source for news (obviously), but also a good place to pick up who to follow on Twitter. Ain't social media grand?

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