Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 2

To give proper credit, the person whose blog I mentioned yesterday (which is motivating me to write every day) got her idea from this person. Who has such an enormous Lenten To Do list, that I think she must be fibbing about being lazy. Or not. Maybe she just has high moral fiber.

Not like me who has already watched 1.5 hours of television already today. Okay, I was folding laundry part of that time, but still.

I feel better today after yesterday's brouhaha. (Is this a word?) But it just really knocked the snot out of me for the entire day. I was in a BAD mood, let me tell you.

I'm torn because the broken (as I see it) system won't fix itself, but I don't want to cross swords with "the man." (Or "the women" as the case may be.) I guess, to use one of my favorite phrases that I picked up from The West Wing, that I can't speak truth to power. Or at least not power in the form of the PTO at the school where my kids will be attending for the next xxxmumblexxx years.

(This will be last time this subject is written about here - unless, of course, it takes a new turn.)

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