Tuesday, April 12, 2011

No, it wasn't just me...

So I found out that aggressive volunteer person is pretty miserable. The whole incident threw my morning out of whack, but I returned for an afternoon shift that went very well, thank you very much. Did I say "miserable?" What I probably meant was territorial. Anyhoo... My cats have been fighting like cats and, well, cats for the last 12 hours or so. But it's daytime now, so they'll probably nap. But it's dark, like it's going to rain really hard & really soon, so who knows? The magnitude of growling coming from one fairly small (10 lbs) gray fur ball is really amusing. Especially considering she is being egged on by a very kittenish 1-2 year old cat who outweighs her by 2-3 pounds. (Which doesn't sound like a lot, but we're talking cats here.)

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