Friday, July 15, 2011

Reading, Reading, Reading

So, at some point, I had decided to re-dedicate my blogging to media (of sorts). Mainly reading, but also movies & music.

And while right now, the big event on my weekend horizon will be seeing the newest (and last, sigh) Harry Potter movie, right now I want to write about books.

I normally head to the library for something to read, with an occasional foray into buying something for my Kindle (like when I'm going on vacation or somewhere else I wouldn't want to lug or lose a library book - like the beach).

Last weekend we were planning to (and did, in fact) go to the beach in RI with our good friends/neighbors. So I purchased a book for my Kindle - the latest of Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse books, Dead Reckoning. It was really good, couldn't put it down. Now, when I say good, I don't mean good as in To Kill a Mockingbird good (which I also re-read recently, but that's the subject for another post), but good as in, "can't wait for the next episode of True Blood," good. See the difference.?

In fact, Ms. Harris' books are very much like television, given their serial nature. And while one has to wait longer in between "seasons," with a book, one can experience the particular story arc in anywhere from a day to a few days, depending on how much time one can devote to it.

These books (for me at least) are guilty pleasures. And like other guilty pleasures (ie., potato chips, ice cream, chocolate) are consumed quickly, sometimes furtively, and to much satisfaction. But they aren't quite filling. But because they don't require a large chunk of time & concentration, they are perfect for the summer.

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